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Corporate responsibility

Gatwick Express is a part of the Southern Railway franchise and our corporate responsibility commitments are covered within the Southern Corporate Responsibility Charter.

Working for our communities

Just as our services are vital to the communities we serve, so is the support of those communities for the way we operate vital to Southern’s ongoing success. This is why an important focus for Southern is that as a company it is fully engaged across all areas of Corporate Responsibility.

It is an important element of the way we conduct our business and is underpinned by the company’s values and behaviour. As a responsible corporate citizen we recognise the need to work closely with all of our stakeholders and listen to their voices to ensure that we are environmentally and socially aware of the effect of the services we provide. All of Southern’s workforce plays an essential part in fulfiling the spirit of this charter and our charter provides the foundations to our philosophy of ‘working for our communities’.

Our environment

Southern places environmental responsibility at the centre of its corporate decision making process. We continue to develop a company committed to a sustainable future that works innovatively to reduce our impact on the environment and supports our customers to do this as well.

Community dialogue and action

Southern is committed to working as a partner to provide value to our communities by listening and engaging in positive dialogue. We will work as a responsible corporate citizen to make sure our contributions, decisions and actions are in harmony with providing social benefit to our communities.

Corporate integrity - Marketplace

Southern seeks to increase the satisfaction of its passengers and other stakeholders through the provision of services that meet their needs. Our focus will continue to be for all our services to be safe, reliable and accessible as well as actively supporting integration with other forms of transport.

Value our people - Workplace

Southern aspires to ensure that the full potential of every member of staff is realised. The company values inclusivity and strives to provide a safe working environment, with a culture of fairness.

Corporate Responsibility report

We take our corporate and social responsibilities seriously and we keep the communities we serve up to date through an annual corporate responsibility report. The most recent report can be viewed on the Southern website using the link below:

Corporate Responsibility Reports 

The Go-Ahead Group has produced audited group-wide corporate responsibilityreports since 2001. Each of the operating companies, including our sister train operating companies, Southeastern and London Midland, also publish company specific reports which can be viewed using the link below:

Go-Ahead Group Corporate Responsibility reports