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Flight arrival information

Check the latest Gatwick Airport flight arrival updates using our live flight tracking system.

All arrivals

Schedule Flight No From Status Terminal
21:45pm EZY5370 Copenhagen Airport Landed S
21:50pm MON743 Malaga Airport Active S
21:50pm BAW2717 Malaga Airport Active N
21:50pm TOM591 Rabil Airport Scheduled N
21:50pm EZY5480 Madrid-Barajas Airport Active S
21:55pm TCX1639 Hurghada Airport Landed S
21:55pm BAW2965 Glasgow International Airport Landed N
21:55pm TOM323 Menara Airport Scheduled N
22:05pm EZY5118 Zurich Airport Scheduled S
22:05pm EZY8862 Hurghada Airport Active N
22:05pm EIN248 Dublin Airport Active S
22:10pm EZY874 Aberdeen International Airport Scheduled N
22:15pm EZY8485 Geneve-Cointrin Airport Active N
22:15pm TOM495 Sharm el-Sheik Intl Airport Scheduled N
22:15pm EZY5016 Bordeaux Airport Scheduled S
22:20pm EZY5416 Schoenefeld Airport Scheduled S
22:20pm EZY5378 Cologne Bonn Airport Scheduled S
22:20pm EZY822 Newcastle Airport Scheduled N
22:30pm EZY8926 Faro Airport Scheduled N
22:35pm MON217 Faro Airport Scheduled S
22:35pm MON253 Alicante-Elche Airport Active S
22:35pm BAW2667 Menara Airport Active N
22:35pm EZY5226 Valencia Airport Active S
22:40pm TOM4551 Malaga Airport Scheduled N
22:40pm EZY5360 Vienna International Airport Scheduled S
22:40pm EZY5300 Milano Malpensa Airport Active S
22:45pm EZY896 Glasgow International Airport Scheduled N
22:45pm EZY5340 Blagnac Airport Scheduled S
22:45pm EZY5270 Venice Marco Polo Airport Scheduled S
22:50pm EZY8360 Cote D'Azur Airport Scheduled N
22:50pm EZY814 Edinburgh Airport Scheduled N
22:50pm EZY5236 Gal Galilei Airport Active S
22:55pm EZY5498 Vaclav Havel Airport Prague Scheduled S
22:55pm EZY8404 Moscow Domodedovo Airport Active N
22:55pm EZY5102 Pleso Airport Scheduled S
22:55pm EZY5386 Franz Josef Strauss Airport Scheduled S
22:55pm EZY5260 Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport Active S
23:00pm MON275 Barcelona-El Prat Airport Active S
23:00pm EZY5482 Madrid-Barajas Airport Active S
23:00pm EZY8720 Lisbon Portela Airport Scheduled N
23:05pm BAW2711 Barcelona-El Prat Airport Active N
23:10pm EZY8896 Menara Airport Scheduled N
23:10pm EZY8580 Barcelona-El Prat Airport Active N
23:10pm BAW2645 Malta Luqa Airport Active N
23:10pm NAX2473 Vigra Airport Active S
23:15pm BAW2677 Paphos International Airport Active N
23:15pm BAW2589 Venice Marco Polo Airport Active N
23:20pm NAX2501 Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport Active S
23:20pm EZY8668 Alicante-Elche Airport Active N
23:30pm BAW2697 Faro Airport Active N
23:30pm BAW2789 Bordeaux Airport Scheduled N
23:35pm EZY8612 Malaga Airport Active N
23:35pm NAX2471 Tromso/Langnes Airport Active S
23:35pm EZY8532 Naples Airport Scheduled N
23:40pm TOM605 Antalya Airport Scheduled N
23:40pm MON285 Tenerife South Airport Active S
23:40pm TCX1509 Dalaman Airport Active S
23:40pm BAW2603 Gal Galilei Airport Scheduled N

Last Updated: 18th Apr 2014, 21:42 BST

Gatwick Express, as a part of Southern Railway Ltd, does not verify the accuracy or completeness of this flight information and disclaims any implied warranties with regard to it. Gatwick Express, as a part of Southern Railway Ltd, shall have no liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of relying on flight information on this site which may prove to be inaccurate or incomplete.