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  1. Is it really in sync with the journey?
    Yes. Each artist has used the visual storyboard as seen through the train window to inspire their composition. So the music matches the changing scenery.
  2. Can I download all three songs?
    Yes, but only if you make 3 individual online ticket purchases. You cannot download all three tracks from one single ticket purchase.
  3. What if we are travelling in a group?
    Only one download per booking.
  4. What if I am travelling again next week?
    You are eligible for one download each time you purchase a ticket online. If you are a regular traveler and are having trouble with your additional downloads, please email Customer Services at or call 0845 850 1530.
  5. Even if I am purchasing a single ticket (non-return) online from Gatwick Airport to London Victoria, am I still able to download a track?
    Yes you can, however each of the 30 minute Express Tracks has been specifically created to match the journey from London Victoria to Gatwick Airport. So while you can download the track and enjoy the music, it won’t be in sync with the journey.
  6. What are your plans for the Gatwick Airport to London Victoria leg of the journey?
    Good question. We would actually like to hear from our customers on this next part of the project. It possibly gives us the opportunity to consider user-generated content which we think would also be really exciting, or maybe even move into other areas for Express Tracks – such as comedy or poetry. Got a good suggestion? Tweet your ideas to @ExpressTracks.
  7. What if I buy the tickets from another online retailer (e.g. Trainline etc)?
    If you purchase tickets online through another online retailer, then you will not be eligible to download Express Tracks. Only purchases from are eligible for the download.
  8. What happens if there is a delay or the train stops?
    Unfortunately, any delays that do occur are likely to be out of our control. Having said this, our performance is very good and we have very few delays. If there is a delay or the train stops, just push pause until the train begins to move again.
  9. When should I start playing the music?
    You should push play as soon as the train begins to roll out of London Victoria. Then simply sit back relax and prepare to be inspired!
  10. Will you provide headphones on the train?
    No. Please use your own headphones or earphones to listen to the track.
  11. Do you play the tracks over the P.A on the train? Won’t it be noisy?
    We will not play any soundtrack over the P.A. Customers who download the tracks will listen to them using their own headphones/earphones and enjoy the journey. This way there is no disruption to the other passengers on board.


  1. Can I buy a ticket on my mobile and download to my mobile device?
    We are currently working on our mobile optimised website to include the ability to easily buy tickets on your mobile. You can buy tickets from your mobile at present, but it can get tricky as the booking engine is not optimsed for mobile devices. However you cannot download your chosen Express Track straight onto your mobile device. Please see question 2 in Troubleshooting FAQs more for further explanation.
  2. Can I download my chosen Express Track once I am at London Victoria?
    No. We recommend that you download your Express Track and have it ready to play on your preferred listening device prior to arriving at London Victoria. The file sizes are large and there is no WiFi at the station.
  3. Do you have Wi-Fi on the stations?
    No, not at this stage. Please ensure that you have downloaded and transferred your Express Track to your preferred listening device before you get to the station so that you are ready to start push play as soon as the train starts to move.
  4. What devices can I play the music on?
    Any device that can play MP3 music files, but you should download the track to your computer first, and then transfer it to your device.
  5. Where is the best place to download the tracks?
    You will need to download the track to your computer first. Once you have done this, then you can then transfer the track to your mobile device. For instructions on how to download or how to transfer the track to a mobile device, please view the step by step guide for the download instructions.
  6. What is the file size and file type of each Express Track?
    Each file is in MP3 format. There are two different file sizes to choose from; MP3 128k (high quality) and MP3 64k (best for mobile).
  7. I have seen the same music files on other sites that look like these. Are these safe to download?
    Gatwick Express runs the only official download site. Any other sites claiming to have the tracks available for download are not legally able to do so. Gatwick Express therefore cannot be confident that these sites are safe to download from and would advise against using them. Gatwick Express will not be held liable for any consequences that arise as a result of customers who fail to comply with the correct download process. For more information, please contact our Customer Services at or call 0845 850 1530.
  8. Why can't I view the videos on the website?
    You will need to have Flash Play 8+ and JavaScript enabled in order to view the videos.
  9. Why can't I view the interactive map on my mobile?
    The interactive map uses parallax scrolling, which is not optimised for mobile devices.

Trouble Shooting

  1. What if I have difficulty downloading the Express Tracks?
    If you are experiencing any technical difficulties while trying to download your chosen track, please contact our Customer Services team who will be able to help you. Their contact details are and 0845 850 1530.
  2. Why can’t I download straight to my mobile?
    You should download your Express Track to a PC or Mac first and then transfer to your preferred listening device. This is because each file size is too big to be downloaded straight to a mobile device. Additionally, Apple don’t allow downloads straight to their devices as everything needs to go through iTunes first.
  3. The link to the download site is broken. What has happened?
    Please email Customer Services at or call 0845 850 1530