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Gatwick Express Mobile Ticket Automatic Delivery

Mobile ticket delivery

Gatwick Express customers can get their online tickets sent straight to their UK mobile phone.

Mobile ticketingWhen a mobile ticket delivery option is selected, a unique barcode will be sent to your mobile phone within 10 minutes.

This barcode will be scanned from your mobile device at the ticket gate line or on the train by a member of staff to validate the ticket.

Please note that this delivery option is not available for same day travel ie. booking online and travelling on the same day.

Mobile registration

Mobile ticket delivery option is only available to UK phone numbers and you will need to register your mobile phone for this service by visiting Your Account and selecting the ‘Mobile Ticketing’ option from the left-hand menu.

To be able to receive tickets on your mobile device, it needs to be WAP enabled. If you are unsure please consult your manual. During the registration process, customers will receive a test message to ensure their mobile phone is compatible with Mobile Ticketing. If the phone is not supported, another ticket delivery option will be required.

How to use

When travelling on a Mobile Ticket, remember to ensure that you have your registered mobile device with you and that the ticket is ready to display when you approach the ticket gate line or when the ticket inspector arrives.

Ensure that the battery on your phone or device is charged sufficiently for you to display your ticket for the entire duration of your journey as it will be required to be scanned again to exit.


Receiving mobile tickets
To be able to receive tickets on your mobile device, it needs to support WAP. Check the manual for your mobile device if you are unsure.

Mobile tickets are only available to UK phone numbers.

Refunds and change of journey
Once purchased, your Mobile Ticket is non-changeable and non-refundable unless under exeptional circumstances subject to the Train Operating Company's discretion.

As a security measure, the ticket will be locked to your registered device and cannot be copied or moved to another mobile phone. If you lose the mobile device on which your ticket is stored, we will not be able to issue a replacement ticket.

Mobile ticketing - terms & conditions


Mobile ticketing refers to a ticket which is downloaded to your registered mobile telephone or device using SMS and WAP.

These tickets can be purchased up until the day before travel.

Mobile tickets are only available to UK phone numbers.

We may modify the terms and conditions relating to Mobile ticketing at any time by posting revised terms on this site. You agree to accept these terms and conditions, as well as the general terms and conditions relating to this website.

Mobile ticketing conditions of use

The word “mobile phone” used within these terms relates to any mobile phone, PDA or Blackberry type device that is able to receive text messages. By accepting these terms you confirm that you have a suitable mobile phone on which you can receive and display these mobile tickets.

Your journey must be on the date and train specified when making your booking. If you travel on a train for which your mobile ticket is not valid, a new ticket must be purchased.

The safekeeping of the mobile ticket is your responsibility. In the event that the ticket or mobile phone is lost or damaged, we will be unable to provide a duplicate or replacement ticket and a new ticket will need to be purchased.

Your mobile ticket should be displayed clearly on the mobile phone screen when asked for by the Train Guard or Ticket Examiner. If the mobile ticket has been damaged or is illegible in any way, the ticket becomes invalid and a new ticket will have to be purchased.

By purchasing a mobile ticket you agree to cooperate fully with the Train Guard or Ticket Examiner and hand over your mobile phone for inspection if asked to do so. It is your responsibility to ensure that the mobile phone is sufficiently charged to display the ticket as many times as required for the duration of your journey (including at origin and destination stations).

Your mobile ticket will be delivered to your mobile phone within 10 minutes. If your ticket has not arrived by two hours before your journey commences, please contact our Web Support team on 03451 27 29 20.