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Schedule Numero de vuelo De Status Terminal
13:10pm RYR114 Dublin Airport Active
13:10pm EZY8334 Strasbourg Airport Active N
13:15pm BAW2713 Malaga Airport Active N
13:20pm EZY5038 Otopeni International Airport Active S
13:20pm EZY5494 Vaclav Havel Airport Prague Scheduled S
13:25pm EZY5264 Venice Marco Polo Airport Active S
13:25pm SXS1963 Sabiha Gokcen International Airport Scheduled N
13:25pm EZY8874 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Active N
13:25pm BAW2679 Dubrovnik Airport Active N
13:30pm EZY8824 Malta International Airport Active N
13:30pm TOM4103 Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport Scheduled N
13:30pm EZY8512 J. Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice Active N
13:40pm EZY8352 Cote D'Azur Airport Active N
13:40pm EZY8990 Guglielmo Marconi Airport Scheduled N
13:40pm BAW2607 Naples International Airport Active N
13:50pm BAW2961 Glasgow International Airport Active N
13:50pm MON737 Malaga Airport Active S
13:55pm EZY8748 Zakinthos Airport Active N
14:00pm BAW2689 Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport Active N
14:00pm EZY8626 Palma de Mallorca Airport Active N
14:00pm TOM4159 Thessaloniki International Airport Scheduled N
14:05pm EZY8918 Faro Airport Active N
14:05pm VLG7826 Barcelona-El Prat Airport Active N
14:10pm MON2109 Oued Irara Airport Scheduled S
14:15pm EZY8902 North Front Airport Active N
14:15pm BAW2761 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Scheduled N
14:20pm EZY8894 Menara Airport Active N
14:20pm EZY5222 Valencia Airport Active S
14:20pm NAX2805 Oslo Airport Gardermoen Active S
14:25pm NAX2499 Schonefeld Airport Scheduled S
14:25pm EIN912 Ireland West Airport Knock Scheduled S
14:25pm BAW2773 Jersey Airport Scheduled N
14:30pm TCX1403 Zakinthos Airport Scheduled S
14:30pm RYR9852 Cork Airport Scheduled
14:40pm EZY8724 Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport Active N
14:40pm EZY8682 Lanzarote Airport Active N
14:50pm MON215 Faro Airport Scheduled S
14:50pm TOM4135 Madeira Airport Scheduled N
14:50pm EZY5294 Milano Malpensa Airport Scheduled S
14:50pm EZY8450 Verona Villafranca Airport Scheduled N
14:55pm NAX2439 Lanzarote Airport Active S
14:55pm RYR1114 Dublin Airport Scheduled
15:00pm EZY8796 Kos Airport Active N
15:00pm EZY8766 Thira Airport Active N
15:00pm BAW2941 Edinburgh Airport Scheduled N
15:05pm RYR2747 Kaunas Airport Scheduled
15:10pm TOM4117 Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport Scheduled N
15:10pm BAW2547 Houari Boumediene Airport Scheduled N

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