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Express Tracks

Free music for your journey

Book online and get an exclusive 30 minute Express Track inspired by the journey from London to Gatwick

Express Tracks is a series of bespoke 30-minute music tracks composed by three of Britain’s most talented musicians, for you to enjoy on the Gatwick Express. Book online* and get the soundtrack to your journey.

Three artists, three tracks, one journey

Listening to the right music whilst you travel can make any journey as exciting as the destination. This is the reason why we created Express Tracks...

  • Composed by three of Britain’s most talented musicians
  • Each Express Track is made to sync with the journey from London Victoria to Gatwick
  • Choose a genre from Classical, Dubstep, or Rock/Soul/R&B
  • All online bookings are eligible
  • Check your email booking confirmation for your free soundtrack

* For best user experience, please book online using a desktop or laptop computer. Currently, no mobile-optimised booking site is available.