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Gatwick Express trains arrive and depart from the airport’s train station within the South Terminal for utmost convenience. The airport also has a North Terminal.

It only takes two minutes to travel between the terminals on the free shuttle service, which runs every few minutes 24/7. The shuttle is right beside the train station in the South Terminal – so you don’t have to walk far if you’re using the Gatwick Express.

Know where to go: see which terminal you need for your flight

Learn more about changing terminals

Live flight departure and arrivals

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Flight Airline From Schedule Status Terminal
18 August 2022
W65704 Vienna 10:50 Diverted South terminal
EZY8302 easyJet Mahon 11:55 Expected North terminal
EZY6462 easyJet Faro 18:40 Landed South terminal
3O101 Air Arabia Maroc Tangier 18:55 Last Bag Delivered South terminal
EZY838 easyJet Belfast Intl 19:55 Last Bag Delivered North terminal
FR9852 Ryanair Cork 20:05 Last Bag Delivered South terminal
W65786 Milan-Malpensa 20:25 Last Bag Delivered South terminal
TOM4353 Thomson Airways Paphos 20:45 Last Bag Delivered North terminal
EZY6408 easyJet Turin 21:10 Last Bag Delivered South terminal
EZY8450 easyJet Verona 21:10 Last Bag Delivered North terminal
EJU8636 Palma Mallorca 21:20 Last Bag Delivered North terminal
BA2641 British Airways Thessaloniki 21:20 Last Bag Delivered South terminal
TOM4421 Thomson Airways Malta 21:25 Last Bag Delivered North terminal
W95750 Larnaca 21:30 Last Bag Delivered South terminal
EZY840 easyJet Belfast Intl 21:35 Last Bag Delivered North terminal
EZY8766 easyJet Thira-Santorini 21:45 Landed North terminal
EZY8256 easyJet Rome 21:50 Expected North terminal
EZY6514 easyJet Santiago 21:50 Expected South terminal
EZY8578 easyJet Barcelona 22:00 Last Bag Delivered North terminal
EZY8530 easyJet Cologne 22:00 Last Bag Delivered North terminal

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Travel money

There are several Moneycorp bureau de change branches at Gatwick where you can:

  • Pick up foreign currency that you’ve ordered in advance for the best rate
  • Pick up foreign currency on the day without ordering
  • Change money
  • Pick up a pre-paid card to use while travelling
  • Withdraw cash from cash machines

Find out how to pre-order your foreign currency using Gatwick’s partner Moneycorp

Airport maps

Gatwick Airport is a breeze to find your way around.

View or download airport maps to assist with your visit.

Shopping and eating

Fancy some retail therapy or a delicious meal before your flight? Gatwick has many fantastic options.

Find out where to shop and eat at Gatwick

Transfers to other London airports

Gatwick is well connected by train with London’s other airports.

Plan your journey

Special Assistance

If you need assistance while at the airport, it is important to book it through your airline in advance.

Find out about Special Assistance

Luggage delivery & check-in

Our partner AirPortr offers same-day luggage delivery both to and from Gatwick, meaning you don't have to plan your day around your bags. When you travel with Gatwick Express, you can enjoy 10% off AirPortr delivery to or from the airport.