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Gatwick Express

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Which terminal?

Gatwick Express uses the station in the South Terminal. The airport also has a North Terminal.

It only takes two minutes to travel between the terminals on the free shuttle service, which runs every few minutes 24/7. The shuttle is right beside the train station in the South Terminal – so you don’t have to walk far if you’re using the Gatwick Express.

Know where to go: see which terminal your flight uses

Learn more about changing terminals

Live flight departure and arrivals

Flight Airline From Schedule Status Terminal
21 February 2020
BA2787 British Airways Bordeaux 11:55 Estimated South terminal
EZY8942 easyJet Grenoble 11:55 Scheduled North terminal
DI7174 San Francisco 12:00 Scheduled South terminal
EZY8874 easyJet Amsterdam 12:05 Scheduled North terminal
EZY8572 easyJet Barcelona 12:05 Scheduled North terminal
EZS8467 easyJet Geneva 12:05 Scheduled North terminal
EZY8064 easyJet Venice 12:05 Scheduled North terminal
TP1334 TAP Air Portugal Porto 12:10 Scheduled South terminal
VY8778 Vueling Paris CdG 12:15 Scheduled South terminal
BA5836 British Airways Dublin 12:20 Scheduled South terminal
EI236 Aer Lingus Dublin 12:20 Scheduled South terminal
BA2653 British Airways Salzburg 12:20 Estimated South terminal
EZY8176 easyJet Seville 12:20 Scheduled North terminal
BA2633 British Airways Alicante 12:25 Estimated South terminal
QR327 Doha 12:25 Scheduled North terminal
DI7096 Los Angeles 12:25 Scheduled South terminal
FR1182 Ryanair Shannon 12:30 Scheduled South terminal
EZY8252 easyJet Rome 12:35 Scheduled North terminal
BA2577 British Airways Turin 12:35 Estimated South terminal
VY9944 Vueling Turin 12:35 Estimated South terminal

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Travel money

Gatwick holds currencies for all the destinations it serves. You can:

  • Pick up foreign currency that you’ve ordered
  • Change money
  • Withdraw cash from cash machines

Find out how to pre-order your foreign currency using Gatwick’s partner Moneycorp

Airport maps

It’s easier to find your way around Gatwick with a good map.

View or download maps of:

Shopping and eating

Explore the airport’s great shops, restaurants and bars while you’re waiting for your flight.

Find out where to shop and eat at Gatwick

Transfers to other London airports

Gatwick is well connected by train with London’s other airports.

See train connections

Luggage delivery & check-in

Our partner AirPortr offers same-day luggage delivery both to and from Gatwick, meaning you don't have to plan your day around your bags. When you travel with Gatwick Express, you can enjoy 10% off AirPortr delivery to or from the airport.