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Your questions about Gatwick Express stations answered here…

Are all your stations accessible for people with prams or heavy luggage?

Unfortunately not all of our stations have step free access to platforms.

We’re working with Network Rail to improve station facilities across our network - including providing step free access to those stations that don’t currently have it.

Check what facilities are available at your station:

London Victoria

Gatwick Airport

Other stations

Can I leave my bike at your stations?

Most of our stations have bike racks and/or lockers.

Check what facilities are available for cyclists at your station

You can take bikes on most off-peak trains.

Folding bikes can be carried on our peak time trains if there’s enough room in the luggage areas for them to be safely stowed away.

Find out more about restrictions on taking bikes on our trains

Can I take photographs at stations?

You are welcome to take photos of our trains and at the stations that we manage. We'd be grateful if you could ask permission first if any of our employees are going to be in your pictures.

Please only enter areas that are open to the general public and don't cause an obstruction to passengers or staff. Ideally, if you are taking more than just a few 'snapshots', please ask permission first if it is possible.

Flash photography must not be used because this can distract our train drivers.

Our staff may occasionally ask photographers to not take pictures and move to another part of the station or leave it altogether. We will always explain why this is necessary, but please bear in mind that our staff have many things to consider - primarily the safety and security of our passengers.

Please ask for permission if any photographs taken of our trains and property for are for publication. Enthusiast photographers can take photographs at stations for private purposes, provided they are not sold except to enthusiast magazines.

We support the Guidelines for Rail Enthusiasts which help remind enthusiasts of their responsibilities when visiting stations.

Can I use an electronic cigarette at stations or on trains?

We have a no smoking policy regardless of the type of device.

As well as regular cigarettes, cigars and pipes, we request that e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) are not smoked on our stations or on our trains. This is because they can make other passengers feel uncomfortable and lead some people to think that smoking real cigarettes is allowed.

Can you help disabled people at your stations?

We offer an assisted travel service if you need help at our stations.

Find out more about our assisted travel service.

Do you have public toilets at the station?

Many of our stations have toilets that are open to the public while they are manned. They are normally locked after staff leave for the day to prevent vandalism.

Unfortunately some smaller stations do not have public toilets.

Check what facilities are available at your station:

London Victoria

Gatwick Airport

Other stations

Do you provide train information at stations?

We display timetables on posters at every station and pocket versions are available from the ticket office. We also put up posters warning you in advance of any engineering work that is coming up and how it will affect journeys to and from the station.

Most of our stations also have customer information screens on the platforms or concourses that give ‘live’ train time updates. Some smaller stations have a help-line telephone where you can speak to an operator.

We also expect our station staff to make announcements when they're needed, such as when there is disruption to services.

Do your stations have car parks?

Airport parking 

If you are planning to park your car at Gatwick Airport while your away then here are some indication on fares:

Gatwick Airport car parking prices

London Victoria parking

London Victoria car parking is managed by APCOA UK Ltd.  

Telephone: 0345 0774 224

London Victoria station information and facilities

How do I buy advertising at your stations?

If you’re interested in buying advertising space at our stations, please contact:

JC Decaux
Paddington Office
Summit House
27 Sale Place London
W2 1YR

Telephone: 020 7298 8000


How long will I have to queue to buy a ticket at the station?

Our aim is that you shouldn't have to wait for more than three minutes before being served and no more than five minutes at peak times.

However, at peak times, and particularly at the start of the week, queues can be longer.

If you have a more complicated reason to visit than simply buying a ticket, we suggest you try to avoid the busy morning and evening rush hours.

Ticket vending ticket machines are available at many of our stations and offer a quick and easy way of buying a wide range of tickets with cards or cash.

You can also buy tickets online to avoid the queues at the station.

How often do you clean your stations?

We do try to make sure that our stations are regularly cleaned to give you a pleasant travelling environment.

Our larger stations are cleaned daily and our smaller ones every few days. We aim to remove graffiti within 48 hours of it being reported.

What are the opening times for my station's ticket office?

Our manned stations have posters showing the opening hours of the ticket office and other useful information.

You can also check the opening times online or via the On Track app.

Check what facilities are available at your station:

London Victoria

Gatwick Airport

Other stations

What are you doing to control pigeons at your stations?

Pigeon fouling is a major cause of complaint. We have health and safety responsibilities to passengers and staff and a duty to keep stations clean.

We try to deter the birds from roosting by installing pigeon netting or spikes on supporting beams.

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