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Ghosts of Birmingham: Night Walk

Ghosts of Birmingham: Night Walk

Advance booking only 

Explore the most frightful places in Birmingham, with their stories of restless spirits, cruel murders and menacing ghouls. Follow step-by-step instructions to reach the next place, solve the clue and you'll unlock a local creepy story. On this city exploration game, you'll find hidden objects and details on the buildings as you crack codes and solve intriguing riddles. Witness some of Birmingham's iconic landmarks, such as the Baskerville House and the spot where the only public execution in Birmingham took place. Are you ready to discover another side to Birmingham?


You are drawn to Birmingham. The city is in turmoil as are you. The restless souls of the city are looking for peace – you must save them, and ultimately save your soul too.
You arrive in the city at New Street Station. It’s so cold, and there are many strange sounds around you, whispers and quiet laughter. You feel lonely and would love some company and comfort, but you fear the sounds are not friendly. A sadness falls upon you and you struggle to breathe.

Three strange lights float around; you try to touch a man sitting on a bench, but your hand passes through as he sobs into his hands. A gentleman in Victorian clothes walks through you saying you will know no peace until the city’s dead workers are put to rest.
The clock is ticking – free the souls before you disappear.


Offer ends: 31st December 2023

Families and children friendly: No



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