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Carnet terms and conditions

Here’s the legal bit: check when you can use Carnet tickets and what happens if there’s a problem with a ticket.

Things to check when using the tickets

When you use your Carnet tickets, you’ll need to make sure that:

  • you're travelling within three months of the issue date
  • you’ve dated your ticket with permanent ink before you get on the train
  • you’re travelling in the right direction – remember, Carnet tickets are one way 

You may have to pay a fine or another fare if the ticket isn’t valid on your train.

Refunds and replacements

We can only offer a refund if you have a complete book of five or 10 unused Carnet tickets with consecutive numbers.

We can’t replace Carnet tickets if they’re lost or stolen.

Wrongful use

Fraud is a crime. If you try to misuse your Carnet tickets your ticket can be taken from you and you can be asked to pay the full fare. You could also be prosecuted for fraud.

Buy Carnet tickets

For books of 5 or 10 tickets, 10% savings and a 12 month period to travel over