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Gatwick Express Connection to London Underground

If you are visiting London you will most likely be using the extensive London Underground, known to Londoners as the tube, during your stay.

You can purchase London Underground tickets at all of the rail stations in London, including Gatwick Airport and Victoria Mainline Station. Buying your Underground tickets at these locations will allow you to avoid the ticket queues at Victoria Underground Station and pay in advance.

View London Underground Tube Map

Visitor Oyster Card

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If you are staying in London for a longer period, you may wish to purchase a Visitors Oyster Card.

The Visitor Oyster Card is pre-loaded with pay as you go and is ready to use on the system as soon as you arrive in central London.

Instead of buying a paper ticket (which costs more), you can work out how often you will use public transport in London and top-up your Oyster Card for Visitors accordingly.

The pay as you go money on the Oyster Card is timeless so you can use any money left over for future visits to London or give it to someone else who is visiting London.

You can purchase a Visitor Oyster Card online or you can simply visit the ticket window when you arrive at Gatwick Airport Train Station.

Buy your Visitor Oyster card online