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Social media

Learn more about the social channels we use and what we can help you with when you reach out.

What we can help you with on X (formerly Twitter) and Messenger

Our social media team have their fingers on the keyboard 24/7 every day except Christmas day and Boxing Day. We’re ready to assist with:

  • Latest travel information
  • Help and advice
  • Feedback about your journey

As well as keeping you up-to-date around how our trains are running, we like to hear and share good news and chat about what's happening out and about. Social media is also about having fun and providing a forum for discussion - we appreciate your fun side and your interest in what we do and how we do it.

Join the conversation on X - Follow @GatwickExpress

We also share inspiration through the following social media channels:

Instagram: Follow @gatwickexpress

Facebook: Follow @GatwickExpress

You can also find us on LinkedIn - Follow @Gatwick Express

What our social media team can't help with

Social media is great for quick questions and news updates. We’ll always try to resolve any issues at the first point of contact. However, if things get too complicated for 280 characters, we may need specialist input from other parts of the business and therefore may not be able to offer a full response via social. One of the team will either get back to you when they can or we may direct you to our Customer Relations team who can carry out a wider investigation.

Social media is a great channel for our followers to receive the information they need. If you’re part of a pressure group, campaigning or asking for us to give an opinion on policy for instance, we’d suggest you contact our press office or join one of the recognised user groups to channel your interest in the right direction. Check out other ways you can get involved by reading how our Passenger Panel works.

Comments and replies

We aim to respond to all comments on X (formerly Twitter) within 30 minutes, this may vary during times of disruption.

There may be times when we receive too many comments and can’t respond as we’d like to. This can happen during times of major disruption. In times like this, we will let you know what's happening on the route and provide a link to our live running webpage. We’ll focus on the responses and information updates which will benefit the greatest number of passengers. Please do bear with us if we can’t respond to your question in real time or at all.

Escalating issues

While acted upon and responded to, complaints made via social media are not formally logged. If you would like to make a formal complaint that’s reported as such, please see our complaints handling procedure.

As a general point, please don't include personal information such as your email address, Key Smartcard number, phone numbers or bank or payment card details in your message or comments to us. If we need this information to resolve an issue, we will contact you privately via a Direct Message.

Practising good etiquette

We always aim to be polite and considerate to our followers, and we ask that you communicate with us in the same way. While we understand that it can be frustrating when things go wrong, we won’t engage with posts that are abusive, persistent or do not meet the social channel's own rules.

In cases of repeated/sustained abuse, we may have no choice but to block an account. But we hope this won’t be necessary. Keep it friendly (and clean) for the benefit of our team and our other followers and we’ll be here to help.

And please don’t take or post photographs of staff or name them on social media without their permission. If this happens, we will kindly ask you to remove the post. If you wish to make a complaint against a member of staff, please contact Customer Services.