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a little girl riding on the back of a bicycle

Bringing a bike or scooter

Feel free to travel with a folding bike, scooter or e-scooter any time. But if you want to bring a regular cycle or non-folding scooter or e-scooter on board, there are some restrictions you should know about.

Other transport companies’ may have different policies, so be sure to check your onward journeys.

Please check our separate guidance on mobility aid scooters.

Our Scooter & e-scooter Policy

To keep all of our customers and staff safe, we don't allow scooters and e-scooters to be ridden at our stations or on board our trains.

If you need to transport your scooter or e-scooter on board our trains, we have limits at peak times, please see our cycle policy below for further details. This policy also applies to non-folding scooters and e-scooters.

If your scooter or e-scooter can be fully folded, you’re welcome to bring it on board any of our trains. Just be sure to fold and carry it before going through the ticket gates and when doing so, please make sure you use the wide aisle gate as this provides more space for you to walk through.

For safety reasons, we can’t take scooters and e-scooters on rail replacement vehicles such as buses. Please check for any engineering works before you travel.

Again, for the safety of both customers and our staff, we don't allow the charging of e-scooters at stations or on board our trains, due to the potential fire risk. e-scooters may not be left unattended at any time. Thanks for keeping each other safe.

Our cycle policy

You're welcome to bring your bike on the Gatwick Express. Fully folding bikes are welcome at any time, but at busier times we can't carry non-folding bikes.

If you're bringing a folding bike on a peak time service, please fold it before you come through the ticket gates and when doing so, please make sure you use the wide aisle gate as this provides more space and time for you to walk through.

Peak time services - when non-folding bikes can't be carried - are those trains:

  • Due to arrive at London Victoria between 07:00 and 10:00 Monday to Friday
  • Due to leave London Victoria between 16:00 and 19:00 Monday to Friday

On weekends and bank holidays bikes are welcome on all trains at any time.

Other restrictions

For safety reasons, please don't lock your bike to any part of the train or leave it unattended.

If your bike would obstruct other passengers when they're boarding, alighting or standing, we may need to ask you to remove it - or not to bring it on board - even at times when bikes are normally allowed.

If a member if train or station staff asks you to remove your bike from the train, you must do so.

If we can't let you bring your bike on board, out staff will help you find another train.

On rail replacement bus services

Rail replacement buses can't carry non-folding bikes safely, so we can only carry folding bikes on these services. Please check for any engineering works before you travel.

I need to take my cycle on the train, as I use it to continue my journey at the other end. Can you make an exception?

For the safety of all our passengers, we can’t make exceptions on peak hour restrictions. But we do want to support our passengers who commute by bicycle. You might consider:

  •  Using a folding cycle
  • Travelling earlier or later to avoid peak times
  • Buying two cycles and keep one at each end of your journey
  • Making use of London’s self-service bike-sharing scheme, Santander Cycles
If I use a station shelter with CCTV, is Gatwick Express responsible for my cycle?
Sorry, no. While we aim to provide safe and secure bike parking, ultimately your cycle is left at your own risk.