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Connecting with the London Underground

Connecting with the London Underground

Learn more about using your Oyster card on the Gatwick Express and how to connect to or from our service through the London Underground

Going underground 

We know your journey doesn't always begin or end with us. Luckily, London Victoria station offers easy access to the rest of the city via the London Underground network.

London Underground's Victoria Station - located just under the National Rail station your Gatwick Express train arrives and departs from - offers access to the Victoria, District and Circle lines.

View the London Underground map

Buying your Tube tickets

You can buy London Underground tickets at all Tube stations in London. To avoid the ticket queues at Victoria Underground station, however, you may want to buy your tickets in advance at Gatwick Airport or at Victoria National Rail station.

If you're planning a longer stay in London, a Visitor Oyster card may save you time and money on your Underground travel.

The Visitor Oyster card is pre-loaded with money and is ready to use on the Underground as soon as you arrive in Central London. Just touch your card in and our on the electronic readers at the stations.

You can top-up the money on your Oyster card as you need at Tube station ticket machines. ANy  oney left on the card you can save for future visits - the card is timeless. You could also give your card to someone else who is visiting London.

You can buy a Visitor Oyster card online or you can simply visit the ticket window when you arrive at Gatwick Airport Train Station.

Using an Oyster card on Gatwick Express

You can use an Oyster card between Gatwick Airport and London on the Gatwick Express. But if you're not returning on the same day it's cheaper to buy a Gatwick Express ticket online where we'll give you a 10% discount and find you the best price.

Buy your Gatwick Express tickets

To travel with your Oyster card, touch your card on the yellow reader at the start of your journey. Then use the same card to touch out again at the end. You will automatically be charged the right fare for the journey you've made.

Book online and get an exclusive 10% discount

When you book directly with us online we’ll give you a 10% discount on your tickets. It’s as simple as that.