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Gatwick Express

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Accessibility on the train

Trains with limited accessibility

The majority of Gatwick Express services are provided by new Class 387/2 'Electrostar' trains. These trains feature double doors and accessible toilet facilities. Mobility scooters are accepted onto these services with the usual size restrictions of 700mm wide and 1200mm long.

Wheelchair spaces are available within standard class accommodation only.

A small number of Gatwick Express services use Class 442 express trains.

Class 442 express trains

These trains are accessible, however, please note the following restrictions:

  • Single door opening with a maximum width of 700mm
  • Maximum width of a wheelchair that can be accepted is 695mm, restricted by the available ramp width
  • Mobility scooters are accepted onto these services with size restrictions of 500mm wide and 950mm long. This is due to the door width, ramp gradient from platform to train and the turning circle available on board
  • Single door opening to the accessible toilet which may restrict some users
  • Gradient of platform to train ramp may be steeper at certain points on the platforms

If you believe you will not be able to travel on the class 442 trains there are many other trains that you will be able to board, providing you with a quick link between Gatwick and Victoria. These alternative services are operated by 377 'Electrostars' that can accommodate Mobility scooters with the usual size restrictions of 700mm wide and 1200mm long.

Priority seats

Seats that are prioritised for people who are less able to walk or stand are clearly labelled in each carriage and are usually close to the exit doors. Passengers should give up priority seats if someone in need asks them.

Priority Seat card

Because not everyone feels comfortable asking for a priority seat, we issue priority seat cards. You can show these when asking someone to give up their seat. Find out how to apply for a Priority Seat card.

Need assistance at the station

We have people who can give assistance at our stations. Find out about how to book assistance.