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Wheelchairs and mobility scooters

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters on our trains

A new guide has been produced to give you the correct information for how to be safe when using stations and travelling on trains in your wheelchair.

Download your Wheelchair and Scooter guide here

On our trains

You can bring a manual or electric wheelchair, or a mobility scooter onto our trains – if they fit.

We have ramps to help you on and off the train at all of our step-free stations and on most of our trains. To ensure that a ramp is available we recommend that you book assisted travel giving 24 hours' notice.

Our trains have spaces for you in carriages that are clearly marked on the outside of the train. Wheelchair spaces are available within standard class accommodation only. We want passengers who use wheelchairs to be able to travel with us in the space allocated to them. Priority will always be given to wheelchair users where there is limited space to accommodate wheelchair users and bicycles. See more on our cycle policy.

Most of our trains also have accessible toilets.

Accessibility limitations

Mobility scooters are accepted on our Class 442 trains with size restrictions of 500mm wide and 950mm long. This is due to the door width, ramp gradient from platform to the train, and the turning circle available on board. Scooters can be carried on these trains if they fold down and can be carried on as luggage.

Only a small number of Gatwick Express services use these single door trains, and there will usually be an earlier or later service to your destination on which you can use your mobility scooter subject to the normal size restrictions.

We are sorry but we cannot provide alternative transport to inaccessible stations for mobility scooter users.

Size and weight limits

For safety reasons, we have some restrictions on the size and weight of wheelchairs and mobility scooters that we can carry. Larger wheelchairs or mobility scooters may not fit safely onto our ramps or into the accessible spaces on our trains.

The limits are:

  • width: 700mm
  • length, including footplates: 1200mm
  • weight, including your weight: 300kg

How can we improve?

We’d love to hear from you about any ideas you have for how we could improve accessibility at stations.